Cyberstalking Behaviors Might Include:

February 26, 2013 0 Comments
  • Excessive attempts at contact via cell phone, texts, Facebook posts and e-mails
  • Using social media “check-ins” or locational features to physically stalk a victim
  • Excessive delivery of unwanted gifts, cards, or flowers to a victim’s home
  • Contacting or threatening a victim’s family and friends
  • Using your email address to sign up for excessive amounts of spam or unwanted newsletters
  • Supplying your phone number to threatening, frightening or irrelevant parties
  • Using your work e-mail to sign up for a pornography website
  • Sending spam or malware to your email account
  • Repeatedly instant messaging on any number of social media platforms
  • Posting information online about the victim that is embarrassing, frightening or harmful to reputation
  • Creating false social media accounts in a victim’s name and posting photos and information, whether true or not
  • Blogging about a victim with slanderous intent
  • Broadcasting your personal information to a wide audience via chat rooms
  • Using your personal information to seek credit, potentially damaging your credit score

Source: Crime Victim Center of Erie County

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