How We Help

The first step in helping you end your cyberstalking experience is our free, no obligation consultation.  Please complete our contact form and provide details regarding your situation.

There are many resources online that provide advice on how to prevent and/or stop your cyberstalker.  While the majority of this advice is great, it is reactive.  If you would like to be proactive in ending your cyberstalking situation, we can help.

Many of the online resources list one of the first steps in combating a cyberstalker is to document the stalking.  This means saving emails, saving text messages, backing up your devices so you have the data needed for your case.  This may not be that difficult and you are probably already doing this, but if not, we can help.  The next step is reporting your cyberstalker to their ISP (internet service provider).  This may be more difficult for the average person.  We have the experience in determining the ISP and contacting them.  The ISP will take a request from an attorney more serious than a request from an individual.

If your situation warrants, we may notify your cyberstalker that you are considering a Temporary Restraining Order.  If this doesn’t produce results, we may have to follow through with a Temporary Restraining Order.

We will also consult with you on online strategies to minimize the impact of your cyberstalker.  There are a number of online applications and programs that we utilize based on your case.

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